C L A S S I C    M O T O R C Y C L E S    F O R    S A L E


Terrot Motorette, with rear suspension! 330cc, 1911.
Authentic condition, not running. Almost completely original,


BMW R26, 250cc, 1958.
Good condition, roadworthy, Dutch license. Same numbers frame and engine.
€ 6.200,-


Alcyon Motrix , 100cc, 1922.
Nice, orignal condition, not running, complete.


Terrot HSSE, 350cc HV, 1932.
Headvalve model, for restoration/overhaul, not running.
€ 5.975,-


Terrot HSC, 350cc, 1928.
Original flattank model, old condition, originally sold without lights, complete. Not running. Sold


BMW R50-5 Toaster, 500cc, 1973.
Same numbers for frame and engine. Dutch license.
€ 4.975,-


Gnome Rhone CM1, 350cc HV, 1933.
Old condition, not running.
€ 6.650,-


Matchless G3LS, 500cc(!), 1954.
Nice motorcycle, fine runner, rebuilt to 500cc cylinder and
12 volt. Dutch license.
€ 4.150,-


Terrot L, 175cc, 1928.
Flattank model, nice and running condition, no documents or license.


Peugeot P515, 500cc KK, 1938.
Old condition, for restoration/revision, not running.
€ 8.700,-


BSA G33-13, V-twin, 981cc, 1933.
Motorcycle from driven collection, with signs of usage, road worthy. Dutch license.
€ 15.950,-


Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone, 500cc, 1970.
Good running, road worthy. Dutch licensen. € 5.200,-


BSA R35-5, 350cc, 1935.
Project, not complete. All items available are on the pictures..
€ 4.995,-


Terrot HSC, 350cc, 1928.
Nice motorcycle, good running, New inside/outside tires.French licence.


BSA S29 , 500cc, 1929.
Nice, running condition. Danish license.

€ 8.650,-


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Handmade wooden model on full size. Unique model of BMW R32, made like original R32 from 1923. € 995,-


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FN M70, 350cc, 1927


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