C L A S S I C    M O T O R C Y C L E S    F O R    S A L E


BMW R26, 250cc, 1958.
Good condition, roadworthy, Dutch license. Same numbers frame and engine.
€ 6.350,-


Peugeot P515, 500cc KK, 1938.
Old condition, for restoration/revision, not running.
€ 8.700,-


Terrot Motorette, with rear suspension! 330cc, 1911.
Authentic condition, not running. Almost completely original,


Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone, 500cc, 1970.
Good running, road worthy. Dutch license. € 4.350,-


Gnome Rhone Supermajor , 350cc, 1939.
Headvalve engine. Old condition, complete, not running.



Ravat BS4, 175cc, 1925. € 2.995,-


Ravat ER20, 350cc, 1931. Sold


Peugeot 2HP1/2, 1921.
Project, not complete.
€ 11.850,-


Handmade wooden model on full size. Unique model of BMW R32, made like original R32 from 1923. € 995,-


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