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Buying and selling motorcycle classics

Alltimers has a range of classic motorcycles of many marques and models for sale, ranging from the early nineteen hundreds to the nineteen seventies. Bikes whose engineering, speed, image etc. in their day set them apart from the crowd and helped them make history. Today, such machines are still cherished and sought after. Truly they are 'all-time classics'.

This website provides you with information on the machines which are currently available for sale. Alltimers sells on internet and fairs, there is no showroom to visit. But why not phone or email to make an appointment to have a look at a specific motorcycle of your choice? On request more information or extra illustrations of particular machines or details can be arranged. Just send an email or pick up the phone, 0031 653 439 196.

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Titus Nietsch


on the fair

Fri 6 - Sat 7 - Sun 8 Oct

Veterama Auto + Motorrad
Mannheim, Germany

Field 6 / standnr 3

Maimarktgelände Mannheim, Germany
(Fri 12.00 am - 06.00 pm)
Sat 08.30 am - 06.00 pm
Sun 08.30 am - 04.00 pm
Entrance € 12,00


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