C L A S S I C    M O T O R C Y C L E S    F O R    S A L E


Terrot Motorette, with rear suspension! 330cc, 1911.
Authentic condition, not running. Almost completely original,


Peugeot Legere, V-twin, 333cc, 1913.
Old condition, almost complete. Engine turns, gerabox can be shifted, not running. Including Truffault fork. Sold


Ner-A-Car Series 3, 220cc, 1926.
Very nice motorcycle, road worthy, good condition, engine overhauled, etc. Dutch license.


BMW R26, 250cc, 1958.
Good condition, roadworthy, Dutch license. Same numbers frame and engine.
€ 6.200,-


Alcyon Motrix , 100cc, 1922.
Nice, orignal condition, not running, complete.
€ 3.850,-


Terrot HSSE, 350cc HV, 1932.
Headvalve model, for restoration/overhaul, not running.
€ 5.975,-


Terrot HSC, 350cc, 1928.
Original flattank model, old condition, originally sold without lights, complete. Not running. Sold


BMW R50-5 Toaster, 500cc, 1973.
Same numbers for frame and engine. Dutch license.
€ 4.975,-


Gnome Rhone CM1, 350cc HV, 1933.
Old condition, not running.
€ 6.650,-


Matchless G3LS, 500cc(!), 1954.
Nice motorcycle, fine runner, rebuilt to 500cc cylinder and
12 volt. Dutch license.
€ 4.150,-


BMW R25/2, 250cc, 1951.
Nice condition. No spark, electronic ignition including. Dutch license.


Terrot L, 175cc, 1928.
Flattank model, nice and running condition, no documents or license.
€ 3.750,-


Terrot HSC, 350cc, 1929.
Flattank model. Original condition, original paint, complete. Running engine, sounds like maintenance/revision.New tyres inside/outside.


Zündapp KS750, 750cc, 1943, WOII. Project.
Most parts are there. To be rebuilt and restored completely. Sold


Peugeot P515, 500cc KK, 1938.
Old condition, for restoration/revision, not running.
€ 8.700,-


BSA G33-13, V-twin, 981cc, 1933.
Motorcycle from driven collection, with signs of usage, road worthy. Dutch license.
€ 15.950,-


Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone, 500cc, 1970.
Good running, road worthy. Dutch licensen. € 5.200,-


BSA R35-5, 350cc, 1935.
Project, not complete. All items available are on the pictures..
€ 4.995,-


Terrot HSC, 350cc, 1928.
Nice motorcycle, good running, New inside/outside tires.French licence.


BSA S29 , 500cc, 1929.
Nice, running condition. Danish license.

€ 8.650,-


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Handmade wooden model on full size. Unique model of BMW R32, made like original R32 from 1923. € 995,-


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FN M70, 350cc, 1927


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